Practical, decorative and also ecological, a green wall gives your home a touch of lively and exuberant nature while refreshing your interior space. In addition, it is an excellent gardening alternative, perfect for those who do not have much space in their home. 

In fact, thanks to green walls, many people can have a beautiful garden, even in the smallest spaces. The designs are endless! You can choose from a large plant wall, in the form of shelves, and much more.

It is simply a way to grow your favorite plants in many possible ways, for all tastes and all kinds of budgets. Now, if you are thinking of placing a green walls in your home, you will first need to know its benefits and the best ideas and tips to do it successfully.  

Let’s see!

What is a green wall and why do you need one?

A green wall is a method of growing plants, vegetables, flowers, aromatic herbs, and more, which is done on a wall or wall level by level, that is, placed one on top of the other. In this way, you can grow the plants as long as they can receive the necessary sun and water.

green walls can be placed both indoors and outdoors, even if you don’t have much space available, as this is one of the main reasons why it is becoming a trend in the world of decoration.

Benefits of creating a green wall at home

  • This concept is ideal for those who wish to enjoy a green space within their home in an urban area.
  • Water management is much simpler, as it is distributed floor by floor, also avoiding spillage or excess unusable water.
  • On an aesthetic level, it will allow you to cover a wall with imperfections or turn a boring wall into a more interesting, decorative and, of course, more ecological place. You will see that it is pleasing to the eye!
  • Unlike traditional gardens, green wall tend to remain humid for longer, since only a part will be exposed to evaporation by sunlight.
  • The plants in the ecological garden will purify the air in your home, by filtering fine dust from the air, converting CO2 into oxygen. In addition, it will not have any negative impact on the environment, quite the opposite.
  • It is also capable of functioning as a sound barrier, regulating the temperature of your home. You can install the green walls both on a terrace, balcony or inside, protecting you from the sun, rain and strong winds. They can even provide you with greater privacy in front of prying eyes.
  • On a psychological level, plants have a positive impact on managing stress, helping you relax.
  • If you decide to install a green wall to grow vegetables or vegetables, you will not have to bend down to pick them up, avoiding pain in your knees or back.
  • As the plants are on the ground, you will prevent some parasites or snails from damaging them. And in case they access the plants, you can easily remove them.

Some tips that you should keep in mind before creating your green wall

When it comes to installing a green wall at home, whether indoors or outdoors, we recommend that you keep in mind some very useful facts:

1. Types of crops and plants

In a green wall growing a wide variety of plants is possible. However, because some plantations require deep soil for their roots, becoming very heavy, they are not recommended for placing in this type of garden.

Some of the vegetables that you can comfortably grow in agreen wall are: basil, parsley, aromatic herbs, strawberries, onions, tomatoes, as well as watercress, chili peppers, cucumbers, thyme, mint, Luisa grass, among others.

Regarding the types of plants and flowers, it is possible to grow jasmine, climbing hydrangea, Japanese camellia, periwinkles, ferns, geraniums, roses, carnations, among others.

2. What to take into account before installing

Regardless of the plants you wish to add, it is important that the chosen location has a suitable environment where the supply of water and sunlight is sufficient.

Depending on the type of plant, you should also consider the ventilation conditions, temperature range, air currents, among others. You can always consult with professional experts in green walls.

3. Types of green walls

There are many designs to create a green wall. Depending on your budget or decorative preferences, you can choose between a small tower of plants stacked in plastic bottles, wooden pallets, a fence or trellis with pots, among others.

However, for each material used in the vertical garden, it is important to have some additional considerations for its care. For example, in wooden pallets it is necessary to place a geotextile inside each one to preserve the soil during irrigation.

4. Maintenance of a green walls

To take care of your green walls, you must spray your plants well with water, so that we can create more humidity to help the roots distribute well. Preferably, it is better to water in the evenings during the summer, to avoid evaporation. Water in the morning during the other months of the year.

Setting up a green walls on your own is very easy, especially if you decide to use recyclable materials.

However, many times it is more effective to have the advice and help of the most experts in the sector, since you will not only obtain the expected results for the decoration of your home, but they will also be in charge of providing you with the best solutions and techniques to optimize your space based on your preferences and environmental conditions.