Creating a green wall inside your home is a fun idea and offers us some fantastic benefits. For example, it is a very creative technique to make your walls look much more beautiful, especially if you want to enhance the decoration of your home with a more natural and elegant style.

In addition, it is possible to add a wide variety of plants in a small space, since in this type of garden the vertical space is used. So, in this article we will tell you some great ideas that will inspire you if you are thinking of making a green wall. Let’s see.

What is a green wall?

Green walls are a cultivation method where we can add different plants, which we can install both in outdoor and indoor spaces. As its name indicates, we can install them on a wall, a wall or the facade of a building, residence or shopping center perfectly.

Currently, this type of garden is very fashionable among city dwellers, as it gives them the possibility of creating a green space in their homes in a practical, ecological and decorative way.

What are the benefits of putting together a green wall?

  • They not only work very well in small spaces, but also in larger gardens as a way to maximize the space, and improve the design of it in a more creative and original way.
  • They also work as a sound absorbing barrier around the home or building. In fact, it can absorb up to 41% of the noise, compared to a traditional wall, bringing more tranquility to the environment.
  • It is possible to design the green wall depending on the space and the climatic conditions, and, nevertheless, this is not a great limit to give free rein to creativity.
  • Your plants will be very airy, which means that the leaves will dry much faster.
  • With a wide variety of plants ideal for this structure, you will make your wall or balcony a true work of art to enjoy throughout the year.
  • It is very easy to maintain. Also, if weeds appear, you can easily remove them, and they won’t come back. Watering is also very simple. Some integrated irrigation systems drop water from above to the lower plants. These are usually designed with a drainage opening to ensure that your plants retain water for longer, especially in hot weather.
  • Enjoy more privacy on your balcony or terrace by working as a barrier.
  • Whether you want to cover a wall with a nasty stain or just a wall you don’t like, green wall are perfect for polishing off this aspect of your decor.
  • Finally, if you are a lover of gardening, you will surely want your plants to always be healthy. With this method, your plants will not be in the ground, making it more difficult for pests and diseases to spread. As long as you take care of them properly, you won’t have any problems.

Great ideas to make your own green wall

Let us now see some ideas and recommendations that will give you a breath of inspiration when planning your green wall:

1. Create a green wall without sacrificing your panoramic view

Green walls are also perfect for placing through a wire netting or trellis. In this way, the plants will be tied to a resistant support, and that will not interfere with the beautiful view that you have behind it.

You can plant succulents, ivy, geraniums and ferns or fill each pot with herbs for a very practical and beautiful green wall.

2. Create a wall of leaves and climbing plants

Transform a dull or drab wall into a work of art by dressing this space in a variety of leaves and vines together. They will not only give you a more natural feel, but also add a beautiful decoration to the lobby of a house, bank or shopping center.

The resulting texture will look beautiful, and the design will surely become the center of attention of all visitors! In addition, adding an ecological touch to an interior or exterior façade will reinforce the good image of a company.

3. Green walls with wooden pallets and pots

Wooden pallets are an economical and efficient material with many configuration possibilities. For a green wall project, you can simply anchor them to the ground and place pots on each tier.

And why not paint them in different colors to make it look much more decorative or fun? Be sure to try or consider using plastic bottles instead of pots, and a net or mesh instead of wooden boards. You can also decorate them however you want, and the kids will love it.

4. Buy a pre-installed kit or hire the professional services of landscaping or botanical experts

Finally, we recommend you purchase a kit with prefabricated materials with which you can easily install your green wall. There are many designs, and adaptable to any space, weather conditions, and more.

Another option is to hire the professional services of experts in mounting green walls. Not only will you have their botanical knowledge for architectural projects, but they also have years of experience, so they will do quality work that lasts over time. Do not forget!