You don’t have to be an experienced gardener to have a beautiful outdoor green wall in any space in your home, store or business. Unlike indoor green walls, it is possible to incorporate them into the facades of buildings, premises, homes, or businesses, giving a touch of natural beauty to the environment.

It is not surprising that gardening for outdoor spaces is becoming a powerful alternative in the world of decoration. In fact, it also allows us to maximize the number and variety of plants in a garden, especially if it is small.

Next, we will tell you some very creative and ingenious ideas to create your own outdoor green wall , along with some tips for its care. Do not miss it!

What to take into account when creating an outdoor green wall?

It doesn’t matter how modern your space is, especially if it’s in an urban area. Outdoor green walls allow you to establish a connection with nature through their optimal, ecological and versatile design.

It is therefore a perfect gardening solution for all types of spaces, whether on a terrace, outdoor garden, building or complex facade and much more. Therefore, if you plan to set up an outdoor green wall, follow these recommendations before doing so:

  • The green wall technique is not suitable for all types of plants, as space could be insufficient for those with deep roots. So, in this type of structure, you can perfectly plant: parsley, rosemary, lettuce, coriander, basil, celery, carrots, leeks, among others. As for flowers, you can plant: moss, succulents, bromeliads, vines, among others.
  • Depending on the type of plant or species you plan to grow, it is important to adapt these to the light and temperature conditions of the environment. You also need to consider an automated irrigation system. Its main advantage is that it minimizes water consumption, increasing its efficiency. They also reach difficult areas that manual watering could not.
  • Likewise, depending on the conditions of the space chosen to carry out the assembly, it is important to select the materials that you will use. One of the most important and recommended is geotextile felt, hoses, wooden pallets, staplers, among others. But of course, it depends on your preferences, budget and materials at your disposal.

Creative ideas for setting up an outdoor green wall

From plant walls to hanging pots, to green screens that can be attached to the wall, vertical decoration has been a key trend in recent years, and it is here to stay.

So, if you would like to have a garden, but you don’t think you have much space, don’t worry, one wall of your house is more than enough! In addition, you just need to have some ideas in mind to give free rein to your imagination. Let’s see some of them:

1. Use a wide variety of objects if you are on a tight budget

Once you’ve chosen the location for your outdoor green wall, it’s time to create one. You can stock up on recycled items, like old dressers, drawers, plastic bottles, wooden pallets, billboards with pockets, shoe racks, old ladders, and much more.

Wooden pallets are often popular among gardeners, as they add a vintage and natural touch to the environment. But if you want to set up a professional outdoor green wall, you can opt for modular systems installed by landscaping experts.

2. Geotextile Felt Wall Planters

It is a widely used gardening solution for all types of spaces, whether indoors or outdoors. It is quite useful for those who do not have pallets or shelves, or simply want to opt for a planter that saves much more space.

In fact, you can put them anywhere. Also, with this method you will not need pots for your plants, since you will plant them directly on the pallet, letting them out through the openings. Likewise, the geotextile fabric will help you control weeds.

3. Green wall with a fence or trellis

An elaborate green wall with a fence or trellis is the perfect combination for use on patios, porches, indoor balconies, and more. Some models come with a pot at the base, and a trellis so that the plants can grow without problems, making it ideal for flowers and climbing shrubs.

On the other hand, a trellis is often used to create privacy plant walls, and sometimes not even used as a plant support. They also work perfectly as a barrier against strong winds, and as air purifiers.

As we can see, green walls for outdoor use are the answer to the urban problem of lack of space. In this sense, if you don’t have a lot of space, you can always choose to have a green wall. Thus, your wall, balcony, terrace or window can become a beautiful garden with different materials and little money.