We create Natural Vertical Gardens

Natural Vertical Ecosystems made by Hortus Vertical

We create Artificial Vertical Gardens

Custom Artificial Vertical Gardening


Specialized substrate for vertical gardens with great qualities that make your garden survive and have the appearance that your plants need

Green roofs

Green roofs are a system designed to maintain the ecosystem that surrounds the building

Preserved moss

The vertical garden with preserved elements is a garden that maintains the beauty of nature


Maintenance of all types of vertical gardens

Our services

Leave your Footprint

Man has always coexisted with nature because he himself is part of the same nature that has created and transformed him. Now, in a world dominated by concrete and asphalt, there is a need to bring that nature closer to us, to feel it again, to smell it again and to feel it again. Somehow we have always done it, through our pets, through our small gardens, through our dreams of dreamlike landscapes where water and vegetation make up the perfect decoration.
Now engineering joins botany to facilitate this possibility, completely banishing the excuse of space.

Join the green world and make your mark.

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