The green wall combines design and well-being, purifying the surrounding air. Opting for this gardening technique is the best solution to have a small green kingdom at home when you do not have much space.

By so beautifully embellishing your wall or wall combining design, well-being and ecology, it is perfect to get one in your home, premises or business. But how to make a professional green wall?

In this article we will answer this common question among lovers of ecology and plant life to decorate and benefit from the many characteristics that this type of garden offers us. Let’s see.

How many types of professional green walls are there?

Green walls have become a new trend when it comes to gardening, whether in the countryside or in urban areas. With so many types of vertical garden systems, installation techniques also vary.

So, your choice will depend on what suits you best, as well as your tastes in design and preference of materials, as well as the conditions of the space where you plan to mount it. Let’s remember that it is necessary for it to benefit from sunlight and water.

Types of professional green walls

  • One of the most used types of professional green walls, mainly to decorate an interior or exterior space of a house or business, are green walls made with layers of geotextile fabric . This material is of high quality and practicality, as it retains moisture without rotting. Its installation is simple, but it is recommended to have the help of garden specialists.
  • Wooden pots arranged in rows or on hanging shelves. This is a very popular solution, as it also offers a nice view of the plants, working as a decorative element and at the same time ecological. They can also be mounted in steps like a ladder.
  • Wooden pallets. It is a type of green wall where the pallets are placed on the wall, placing the plants in an original way so that the pallets are visible. However, in this type of garden wall, it is necessary to use a waterproof material so as not to damage the wood when watering the plants. In addition, this type of system is ideal for decorating houses and premises.
  • Drawers with compartments . It is a very professional way of placing a green wall, since the compartments are arranged in rows with an angle of 30 degrees each. In this way, problems due to the action of gravity are avoided.

Types of green walls with recyclable materials

  • With structures that contain bags, inside which we place the plants. Some people tend to use disused shoe racks as a way to recycle and give them a better use.
  • With plastic bottles. It is a very economical and sustainable technique. It is much more convenient to install in outdoor space.
  • There are also vertical bamboo ones. These are perfect especially for growing plants or tubers that do not require a great depth or great distance between each one, or each species. 

How to make a professional green wall at home and cheap

Creating a vertical garden is easier than you imagine. You can learn how to make a professional green wall for both balconies, terraces, or a wall inside the home that you want to make the most of with a beautiful plant decoration.

Many specialized stores sell green wall kits , which make installation much easier, with ready-to-assemble modules accompanied by compartments to plant the plants. You can find from fabrics with pockets, to geotextile fabrics, pots, among others.

You can also build your own green wall with ready-made and ready-to-use modules, such as multi-purpose bags to hang on a support. In case you want to set up a cheap and homemade green wall, you have the option of using recycled materials such as pallets, plastic bottles or gutters.

You can also choose to place a geotextile fabric , which is made of recyclable Pet material, making it quite resistant and durable. Also, it will not be damaged by water. It is in the geotextile fabric where the bags with the chosen plants are placed.

Finally, it is important to note that in most green wall systems it is possible to integrate irrigation systems , which makes this work much more efficient. In fact, it is ideal for spaces where the sun hits almost directly or directly, causing faster evaporation.

Installing a green wall allows you to create a true plant curtain, with which you can benefit in many ways, either to be out of sight of the neighbors, as well as to protect the house from the wind, while greening the space and giving you greater tranquillity.