Who says you can’t have an indoor green wall with plants, flowers, and even vegetables? Also known as hanging gardens, green walls are easy to set up and maintain, whether in the kitchen, on the terrace, balcony or even in a small patio.

Setting up an indoor green wall is an increasingly growing trend in architectural gardening among lovers of decoration and ecology. Not only is it perfect for the interior of a home or business with little space, but it also has a positive effect on your mind and body.

So, if you are thinking of creating your own green wall inside your home or business, here you will find some creative and original ideas so that you can enjoy a small green wall with style. Let’s see.

What conditions should an indoor green wall have?

In addition to having a natural and beautiful space, the truth is that it also has a series of advantages compared to conventional gardens. It goes without saying that, by being placed vertically, it allows us to save a lot of space. But what do we need to take into account when installing one?

First of all, it is necessary to have control of the environmental conditions of the environment, such as light, temperature and humidity. We must also know the plants that we will place in the garden, and their interaction with the other plant species that we want to add, so it is essential to make an appropriate selection.

Likewise, it is essential to think about the design of the green wall. Do you prefer plants to stand out? What type of material and support is most suitable for the space? Do you want to add an irrigation system?

Many times, the conduction of the water, the variations of the pH, the porosity, gases, depth of the levels, and other aspects could affect or make the system integrate in harmony, so that its maintenance and control is much easier and more successful.

In essence, it is important that the garden has a correct mechanical support, which offers the most optimal conditions for the development of the plants. For this type of doubt, you can always consult with specialists in the construction of green walls.

Ideas to have a domestic green wall

Let’s see now some options to create a domestic green wall with little money, but also for higher budgets, depending on your case.

1. Indoor Green Wall With Wire Trellis

It is an excellent option if you want to add flowers or aromatic herbs to your balcony, terrace, or interior wall. You can use a wire mesh or a wooden mesh panel, it’s up to you. This design brings a vintage touch to the space and, in addition, you can add terracotta pots to give it an elegant touch.

2. Wall garden with wooden pallets

This other variant of interior Green Wall will give your home or business a natural touch, since wood complements an appearance that is more in keeping with the environment. However, it is essential to add a protector to prevent the wood from rotting in each level or pot.

3. Hanging garden on a balcony or entrance wall

This technique is very ecological, as you will need some cans or plastic bottles that you have at home. You can also place a wooden frame on the wall, or hang them from the ceiling. Then, you place the plants in each bottle, and you are inside each support or level. This design also provides a 3D image of your garden.

4. With thick fabric and kangaroo pockets

Here, you just have to take a thick cloth and hang it on the fence in the form of pockets like the kangaroo. All you have to do is plant the desired species or flowers. Feel free to use the materials of your choice to create small baskets filled with flowers and plants.

5. Buy a pre-made green wall system

Finally, you have the alternative of buying a kit with the supports, pots and tools necessary to create the indoor green wall of your dreams. In fact, this is a widely used option for small domestic gardens.

In this case, we recommend you consult information about each of the kits or other substrate options for vertical gardens. We have hydroponics, with soil, mixed, among others. Each of them has advantages and disadvantages, so you can choose the one that best suits what you need.

Benefits of having a natural indoor green wall

  • As long as they have the right natural conditions, plants can grow and develop normally inside your home, working as a very creative, ecological and practical decorative element.
  • It is an ideal way to enjoy a green space, even if we do not have much space at home or business.
  • You can have your own orchard or garden, benefiting from its properties: it purifies the air in your home and helps you counteract stress.
  • Although it is not necessary to have a lot of botanical knowledge, you can get the advice of specialists when necessary.

As we can see, there are many ideas or ways to organize an interior green wall according to your preferences or the needs of the environment. Whether it’s spring flowers, succulents or kitchen herbs, an indoor green wall will sustain your plants, and without using more space than necessary!